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Welcome to the Contingent Commitment Exchange

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Terminal is the live negotiation environment. Terminal access is restricted to approved users, to request access or you are having trouble logging in, contact


Sandbox is designed as a simulation environment which supports the full PharmaCCX platform functionality for training and practicing negotiations with no real world consequences. Reach out to to get a demo and sign up for access.

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CCX leverages technology and data to help pharma and payers seamlessly manage the negotiation, rebate, and deal management process for innovative access agreements, all done at scale simply, safely, and securely. 

Why we started CCX

Nathan's freshman year of college he visited India for an internship at a rural hospital. He ended up returning throughout his studies to do health economics research on healthcare access.  After graduation, he moved back to India to start PharmaSecure, to develop inexpensive anti-counterfeiting technologies that could be implemented across the pharmaceutical supply chain to ensure patients received authentic medicines.  
While living in Mumbai and doing this work, he saw a screening of a film about the struggle of getting HIV drug access to emerging markets. After the screening, Dr. Yusuf Hameid, about whom the film was made, spoke and took questions.  Remembering his research back in college on healthcare having multiple equilibria in different contexts, he was confident that there were win-win ways to solve access – after all, whenever a patient can’t get a drug, a drug company loses potential revenue. And so he set out to find a way to solve this.
As he spoke with leaders in market access and patient access from HTA agencies, Payers, and pharma companies, he realized that the strategies needed to increase access already existed. A lot of thought had already been given to cell and gene therapies and combination oncology therapies and how to get them to market. But these legacy manual processes used in modern market access couldn’t scale to the number of deals that needed to happen. Innovative payment models that had proven to get these early specialty therapies to market were being rationed because there wasn’t capacity to manage them without new infrastructure.
Meanwhile, Biotech and pharma companies had clinical pipelines full of the types of therapies that would need innovative payment models to get to market.  With early support from the team at Accel India, he brought together colleagues with deep experience in pharma, HTA and building financial trading software, and set out to develop that infrastructure. 

Meet Our Team

Nathan Sigworth
Co-Founder & CEO

A health-tech entrepreneur who formerly co-founded and was CEO of PharmaSecure, which uses serialization to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Peter Rice
Chief Operating Officer

An operations expert who was formerly Chief of Staff at Formlabs, a 3D printing company, and who spent a decade developing strategy, program and product management for (ALRM), a home security and automation company. Peter is a graduate of Colby College (BA) and Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College (BE, MEM).

Armen Solakhyan
Chief Technology Officer

A leader in building financial trading systems, Armen led the development of Fixed Income Execution Platform for Charles River IMS and also held development roles at Farallon Capital Management and LifeYield. Armen holds an MS in Computer Science from Armenian State Polytechnic Institute.

Cole Boskey
Commercial Lead

A well-rounded executive having had roles at Goldman Sachs, Autodesk, and with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He also has experience as a founder of his own healthcare startup, Wellable. Cole is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School (MPP), The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (MBA), and Boston College (BA).

Julia Bernstein
GM Platform at Thirty Madison
Barath Shankar Subramanian
Partner at Accel
Carole Longson Advisor
HTA and Market Access Expert
Former Executive Director at NICE
Brian O'Rourke Advisor
President-elect of ISPOR
Former CEO of CADTH
Walter Hölzle Advisor
Hölzle, Buri & Partner Consulting
Former GM Warner-Lambert, Switzerland
Mel Walker Advisor
Managing Director Biopharma Futures
Formerly at GSK, Otsuka, Roche
Sean Tunis Advisor
Principal Rubix Health
Former CMO at CMS
Mark Trusheim Advisor
Strategic Director at MIT NEWDIGS