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Welcome to the Contingent Commitment Exchange

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Terminal is the live negotiation environment. Terminal access is restricted to approved users, to request access or you are having trouble logging in, contact


Sandbox is designed as a simulation environment which supports the full PharmaCCX platform functionality for training and practicing negotiations with no real world consequences. Reach out to to get a demo and sign up for access.

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Contingently Committed

A video series featuring industry experts and thought leaders at the intersection of technology, healthcare and pharma.

Alasdair Thong

We dive deep on the things that are at the top of mind for Alasdair as a Healthcare Investor.

Richard Bergstrom

PharmaCCX Co-Founders talk about the initial challenges we set out to address and some of our creation story.

Armen Solakhyan

Interview with PharmaCCX's CTO and the reasons he joined our team.

Brian O'Rourke

Brian, an expert in HTA, gives the background to how the practice has evolved and how it continues to change.

Julia Bernstein

Julia shares some insights from her perspective as a healthcare executive, advisor, and investor

Mel Walker

Nathan and Mel discuss value based delivery, and patient access; including, pros, cons and trends they see for the future.