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Access agreement planning, negotiation, and administration activities

We've built a platform to support access agreement activities with an emphasis on collaboration between payers and pharma

The CCX Platform's tools are designed to support your team
CCX Planning
Bring speed, clarity, and coordination within your team and engage with your counterparties
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Screen on laptop showing CCX Planning tool
Iterate quickly and analyze contract options and scenarios
Ensure clarity and alignment internally and across external stakeholders
Convey value proposition in a visually compelling manner
Screen on laptop showing CCX Planning tool
CCX Workflows
Define and manage your market access processes, while elevating best practices and collaboration
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Organize a dashboard of upcoming, in progress, and past negotiations, in one place
Customize workflow templates to bring consistency and promote best practices
Share timelines, progress, and actions internally and or with your counterparty
CCX Catalog
Control a dashboard and repository of your agreements, extract key provisions to evaluate performance and inform strategy
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Screen on laptop showing CCX Planning tool
Manage and ensure contract maintenance activities are completed on schedule
Enhance with data for analytics, insights, and rebate calculation
Share select contract information safely and securely to ensure clarity and support ongoing pharma—payer engagement
Screen on laptop showing CCX Digital Negotiation tool
CCX Digital Negotiation
We are testing the potential of digital negotiations with a select group of market access leaders at pharma and payers with very exciting initial outcomes.
If you are interested in being part of these explorations, contact us.
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Expedite negotiation timeline to as little as seven days
Structure pre-negotiation engagement to provide more clarity to stakeholders
Establish trust by providing a framework to tackle more complex negotiations and novel deal structures

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